For future reference terms “We”, “Our” and “Company” will be used to stand for Assignment2u.com. The word “Client” defines a person who procures custom writing services from our company and is fully aware of the terms and conditions, including responsibilities and obligations the client must follow. By “Product” we define any written assignment of the client’s choosing, this includes academic works of various complexity among other writing tasks. The Client pays for the service and the assigned vendor performs the task according to the instructions provided to fully satisfy the Client’s academic needs. The Order starts the moment the Client fills out the Order Form of Our website and releases the payment for it. The order cannot start without proper instructions and directions. Filling out the Order Form is the only proper way to place an order, chat and email requests are not considered an appropriate way of placing an order. That being said, we do provide help in placing the order on the phone, giving pointers to the clients who experience difficulties. OUR SERVICES We offer the wide range of writing jobs, starting with proofreading and ending with writing from scratch according to the instructions provided by the Client. It is highly advisable for the Client to get acquainted with the Terms and Conditions of the Company. Knowing them will prevent any misunderstandings in future. If the terms are clear and there are no questions regarding our Policies, the Client is welcome to place the order. ACCEPTING THE TERMS Before ordering the Client is strongly recommended to read the Terms and Conditions. By filling the Order Form, the Client by default accepts all the Terms and Conditions that our Company has offered them. MODIFYING THE CONDITIONS The Company retains the right to modify, or outright remove the Terms and Conditions at any given time. The Clients are advised to review the Policies occasionally to stay up to date. COPYRIGHT POLICIES The Client acknowledges that all materials produced by the Company can be used only as model answers, and the Client does not acquire the rights to submit the work as their own. The Company does not support or condone plagiarism, therefore the Company reserves the right to refuse supply of services to the Clients suspected of such behaviour. The website content cannot be copied and used elsewhere, violating our copyright policy will lead to jurisdictional charges. INTEGRITY AND ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION All the rules are provided for informational purposes only. The Company is not responsible for informing the clients about the updates on the website. It is in Client’s best interests to follow the updates on the Company website. PRODUCT PRICING AND DESCRIPTIONS The Clients can find our pricing on the website. For convenience, we have a flexible discount system that the Clients can get acquainted with by calling us and coming to our live chat. Every week a special promo code is sent via email to our most loyal customers. First-time buyers can also request a discount code. Please note that the price may vary according to the type of product. WARRANTIES The Orders placed by the Clients bind us to the next conditions:
  • To follow standard citing rules applicable to the ordered product.
  • To follow the standards of the accepted citation styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian).
  • The order starts after we receive the full amount of the order. The price includes research, actual writing, proofreading, and delivery.
  • The content of Assignment2u.com is our property and is not subjected to commercial use.
DISCLAIMERS The Clients use the services of this website at their own risk. As the owners of the website Assignment2u.com retains the right to restrict or deny access to the website at any given time to any user under any circumstances deemed necessary. The Company guarantees that the website is safe for use, i. e. free of viruses or other malware. In turn, the Company is not responsible for the damage the downloaded content can cause to the Client, should any problems occur. CORPORATE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS The Company retains all rights to the contents and information displayed on the website. All attempts at creating a facsimile or copying the information for commercial use are strictly forbidden. CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY For security reasons of the Client and the Company all information shared between the parties is kept private. No information is provided to the third parties with explicit permission from the Client. Disclosure of the Company’s information is considered a violation of our Confidentiality Policy. NON-ASSIGNMENT POLICY The safety of the personal account is the Client’s concern and is in their best interest to restrict access to it. NON-WAIVER The contract between the Client and the Company is considered sealed the moment the Client has acquainted themselves with the Terms and Conditions. All the points of the Policy are to be followed by both sides. SEVERABILITY OF THE TERMS Should any of the points of these Terms and conditions be without proper jurisdictional ground, they can be petitioned with the court’s permission.

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