8 Easy Ways To Choose A Mind-Blowing Dissertation Topic

The topic of your dissertation is the life and soul of it. Without it, your dissertation is like an aimless wanderer in the sea, lost and pointless. But that doesn’t mean you choose just about any topic to do your dissertation on. There’s a method to it. You need to be calculative. You need to be smart. You just can’t wait for inspiration to strike you and bestow you with an amazing topic.

Ways to Choose a Dissertation Topic

However, if you don’t know where to begin or how to choose a dissertation topic that’ll blow everyone away, you need to start reading this blog. Here we present to you eight of the easiest ways that can help you zero in on a marvellous topic. These ways are quite straightforward and are especially recommended by our experts, so there’s no question of them being ineffective.

  1. Find out about the Requirements

Are there any particular requirements for the topic you need to choose for your dissertation? You’ll need to find that out before you can actually start hunting for potential topics. In case you are asked to choose from a list of dissertation topics prescribed by your professor, you should make it a point to ask him/her if you can take whatever slant you wish to of the broad topic you have been assigned. This will give you more flexibility and freedom.

  1. Determine your Research Type

Determining your research type will help you narrow down the scope of potential topics to a manageable lot, which you can then choose from. There are two types of research you can do – one is the comparison of existing literature, and the other is conducting an original research of your own in your field, so you contribute to it. You can even carry out experimental research if you wish. The question that you need to ask yourself here is: do you want to gather data and information for your dissertation yourself or make use of pre-existing?

  1. Don’t Venture into Unchartered Territory

While the prospect of a choosing a topic that catches your fancy precisely for the fact that it’s unique and something you have never heard before might be a pleasing one, you should still try to steer clear of it. This is because if you feel brave enough and venture into the realm of the unknown, you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to fully grasp the essence of your topic. As a result, your dissertation might turn out half-baked, and both your grades as well as your academic reputation may suffer. So it’s wiser that you be safe and pick a topic you have some knowledge of.

  1. Search for a Topic Inside, not Outside

There’s no doubt that you will have to research extensively in order to find that one topic that just fits. But instead of just looking for outside, you need to look inside as well. What we mean is that your topic should be one that manages to arouse your interest and possibly even turns out to be a by-product of your mind. So the moral of the story here is that rather than just finding a topic the old-fashioned way, how about you think of a topic that aligns perfectly with your research interests and gives you the scope to explore your mettle?

  1. Scoop out a Niche

Nothing catches the interest of your supervisor more than a niche topic. And you can’t tell them anything for that since they already have so many conventional topics to deal with that it gets very boring for them. However, if you choose a niche topic that can actually make a difference, you end up offering something new to your field as well as something unique for your professor to read. However, as we mentioned before, do not try to go too far down the road less travelled by as it can turn out to be a mess; and having some knowledge of what you are working on is still very important.

  1. Make Sure you can manage What you Choose

In the attempt to wow your supervisors with your creativity and brilliance at choosing a stupendous topic, do not forget the fact that you are the only one who will be working on your dissertation. Hence, you need to choose a topic that you can manage without much trouble. Such a topic will make you feel confident as well as comfortable and will definitely save you from the nervous breakdown that most students go through when working on their dissertations. Now you can argue that choosing a difficult topic will get you more marks, but that is not true. The key to getting good marks is that you write a brilliant paper, not that you pick a particularly difficult topic, so keep this in mind.

  1. Be Original and Current

Old, outdated, oft-used topics will just not do. You have to be original when picking out a topic for your dissertation using an old one will make your supervisor believe that you never put in much effort. However, you still do not have to wrack your brains for this. You can just improvise and make it easier for yourself. In fact, how about selling an old wine in a new bottle? By reusing an old topic and giving it a fresh spin, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble. That said, selecting a topic that is relevant in the present times is as important as making sure that it is original. And you’re in luck that way as finding the latest topics will not be that difficult. As a master’s or PhD student, you already know that the academic world is always bubbling with new studies and researchers. So all you have to do is direct your vision towards them and pick a topic you think you can handle. You’ll even find more research on a current topic than an outdated one.

  1. Ensure Easy Research-Ability

Okay, we admit it. There’s no word such as research-ability, but the juxtaposition of both of these words against each other pretty much manages to convey what we mean. Your topic should be one that is easy to research upon. However, it shouldn’t be so easy to research upon either that you end up finding conclusive data on it and hence, don’t get the chance to conduct research of your own and contribute to your field. It should just be a topic that can be backed up by reliable research so that your dissertation is not dissed as something frivolous and inaccurate.

Now that we have presented to you eight effective ways to choosing a dissertation topic, we would like to move on and show you the places where you can hunt for potential topics. All of these sources are well within your reach, so you have nothing to worry about. Here’s a list of the possible sources that can act as great scouting grounds for dissertation topics:

  • Your own interests – Your interests and all things that excite (academically speaking) can be a great starting point to look for topics. You can also take your career goals into account as they may shed some light on what you would possibly love to write 10,000 words on.
  • Professional journals – Now these journals should be strictly restricted to your field only rather than narrowly related, or there’s no point going through them. Professional journals can be a great source for hot topics as they will always contain all the latest news concerning your field.
  • The faculty members of your university – And not just the faculty members, mind you; fellow students and professional colleagues can help as much in giving you ideas for your topic as your supervisor can. So have a one-on-one talk with them, and who knows a brilliant topic may emerge from your conversation.
  • Librarians – Yes a library is a likelier source than a librarian, but trust us; even your librarian can help you. You can request them to run a search of their database so that they can find out the most suitable materials for a topic that has caught your determination. The information found, in turn, can help you figure out if the topic is worth it. To help your librarian run the search as smoothly as possible, make a list of specific target keywords and hand it over to him. The results that come up will be more accurate.
  • Previously submitted dissertations – Another great place to look for ideas is to review previously submitted dissertations by your seniors. Especially if you go through the section ‘Recommendations for Future Research’ of all these dissertations as that’s a goldmine for fresh ideas.
  • Current theories – You will have to have a curious bent of mind for this as you will need to keep up with the latest news in your field. Simply analyzing if any new theories have come out in your field or if old ones have been questioned can point out to new topic ideas for your dissertation.
  • Oral defence – Oral defence is a discussion that takes place in defence of a dissertation. If you attend any one of these and pay close attention, you may be able to catch two or three interesting topics just by listening to people talk.
  • Seminars and conferences – Similar to oral defence sessions, conferences and seminars in your field are where the brightest minds gather together and buzz with ideas and topics. You will be able to come across the latest topics here.
  • The internet – Need we say more? If you use it the right, the internet is a never-ending storehouse of knowledge ideas and all things academically interesting.
  • Top scholars in your field – You can call them up and schedule a personal or a phone call interview with them. Generally, the leading scholars in any field are pretty enthusiastic to help students and talk about their latest research (which can serve as a topic by the way).
  • The bibliography section of existing academic write-ups – This is the most resourceful section of any academic assignment as it can off you a large repository of possible sources, which in turn, can help you discover a world of new and exciting ideas.
  • Your current setting – Finally, your own university/job setting can serve as a great source of inspiration for real-life and relevant dissertation topic ideas. You could address serious problems through your dissertation and even come up with possible solutions for them, thereby making a significant contribution to your field.

Okay so you made use of the above sources of information, and finally found a topic you think you can work on. But is it truly the right one? Ask yourself the following questions to know for sure if you have chosen well.

  • Do you feel passionate about the topic you have chosen?
  • Do you have enough knowledge of the topic?
  • Can you manage your topic easily? That is, is it doable within the specified time frame and has enough matter on it?
  • Does your topic hold any significance in the real world?
  • Is it original?
  • Is your topic panning out the way you want it to?

If your answers to the all the questions above are positive, you should congratulate yourself as you have hit bull’s eye! Now all that is left for you is to start writing your dissertation. But even that shouldn’t be a problem if you have chosen a topic that matches every ounce of the requirements you had in mind. After all, choosing the right topic is almost half the battle won. So go ahead and win the rest of it!

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Essay Writing Guide

Why Did We Write This Guide?

The importance of essay writing can be better understood by students, struggling night-long to attain higher grades. A well-written essay can fetch you good marks; conversely, a poorly written one can shrink the overall GPA (Grade Point Average). We present to you an absolute guide that not only teaches the art of composing a quality essay but also eliminates the flaws you come across. Some of the concepts may seem very familiar; however, this guide will give prominence to their orientation.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is intended to enhance the essay writing skills of students pursuing academic degrees. Whether you are a freshman in college or counting on last semester in PhD, essay writing is an inevitable task for all. We pledge to make this guide an all-time companion during your university years.

How to use this guide?

Made with best efforts, this guide is a student-friendly reference for all those who seek essay writing tips. Each section has a significant contribution to the creation of an outstanding essay. We highlight the chief principles of writing an academic essay backed by norms and rules, possible restraints and ways to overcome them. There will be no lagging behind once you are through with this guide. Let’s take a ride to the guide then…

What is an essay?

The essay is an academic piece of writing that methodically synthesizes and evaluates an issue or topic. Basically, an essay is designed to get your academic opinion on a significant topic.
Essays can be of various types, most importantly, there’s a particular rule for each type. Let’s throw some light on the 12 significant types of essays.

Expository Essay

This specific form of essay involves investigation of an issue, evaluation of evidence and presentation of ideas with supporting arguments. Expository essays are fundamentally composed through contrast and comparison, examples, analysis of its cause and effect. Learn more about expository essays here.
Expository Essay Here are three samples of expository essays for US, UK and Australian students.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is exactly what it sounds like. Unlike expository essays, descriptive essays demand artistic flow of writing in order to create an image in reader’s mind. Descriptive details must be written in relation to the issue you are likely to discuss in the essay.
Full knowledge of descriptive essays can be gained here. Descriptive Essay Check out the sample too.

Narrative Essay

This is more like a story-telling! Choose a point of view and inscribe informative narration to the issue. However, professors have different criteria to judge the narrative format essays. Apart from grammar, punctuation and theme organization, professors usually look for narrative details, characterization, plot development and dialogue.
Get a detailed idea of narrative essays here. Narrative Essay Also, check this sample.

Argumentative Essay

Also known as the persuasive essay, it aims to persuade the reader to the writer’s point of view. You must take a stand on the issue and support your stance with adequate evidence. The essay may argue the point openly or make an attempt to persuade the reader subtly by using sarcasm or irony. Be alert to the other side of the argument as well; dismissing them completely will weaken your stand!
Learn more about argumentative essay here. Argumentative Essay And also view this sample.

Admission Essay

Also known as application essay, it is written by a prospective student applying to some graduate school, college and university. The examiner evaluates your competencies with better insight and determines your efficiency over other applicants. In marginal cases, admission essays are used to decide whether an applicant will be selected or not.
Get a complete idea of admission essays here. Admission Essay Here is an admission essay of a successful candidate.

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Comparison Essay

Comparison essays call for a contrast between two things. In comparison essays, you are often asked to ‘analyze’ by putting the case for or against the issue. In this essay type, you are liable to compare different events, views, circumstances, people, etc. In addition, you need to be extremely clear about the purpose of the piece.
To know more about comparison essays, read here. Comparison Essay A sample on comparison essay written by a professional tutor.

Persuasive Essay

It is intended to persuade the reader convincing them to accept your arguments, agree with the presented facts and conclusions. Make sure you have powerful means of evidence, statistics, quotes and examples to support your stance.
Want more information on persuasive essay? Read this. Persuassive Essay Also, go through this sample persuasive essay.

Personal Essay

Personal essay is a written expression of your competencies as an applicant. This essay acts as an application package that represents you ‘personally’. The admission committee gets to know why you are an acceptable applicant for their program.
A comprehensive knowledge on personal essay can be gained here. Personal Essay Here is a personal essay which met success in an admission procedure.

Deductive Essay

The purpose of this essay is to deduce logical reasoning in the form of deductive argument. Deductive reasoning is based on a set of premises (clues) or circumstances, from where you can draw a reasonable assumption to state the situation or issue. Fundamentally, deductive essay writing include three chief parts i.e. premise, evidence and conclusion.
You can get more details on deductive essay here. Deductive Essay Read this sample deductive essay.

Classification Essay

This form of essay calls for organization or sorting out of arguments in categories. The classification is made in a way to reveal the theme of essay in resemblance to the topic. Make sure each of the categories is provided with subsequent examples.Know more about classification essays here. Classification Essay Here is a sample classification essay.

Definitive Essay

A definitive essay is based on the meaning of definite terms. To be precise, terms like glass, printer, book (materialistic objects) has firm or definite meaning; however, love, honesty, friendship, honor are abstracts that depend on personal perspectives. Get appreciation on your definitive essay by following three prime steps: precise definition of terms that connects the reader well, clarity of information and presentation of enough facts and examples.
Get in-depth information on definitive essay here. Definition Essay A sample of definitive essay.

Informal Essay

Informal essays represent relaxed expression of opinion and observations with less formal statement. A good informal essay follows a casual manner of writing a subject, but retains the rigid structure. The content of an informal essay tends to address a contemporary or topical issue, often personal. The point of essay is shown in an indirect fashion using quotes, illustrations, examples, narratives, opening anecdote, rhetorical questions etc.
To know more on informal essay, read here.
Informal Essay Also, go through this expertly written informal essay.

Layers of Essay

We have more varieties of essays for you respective to their structure. Let’s have a glimpse of their significance!

Five Paragraph Essay

It mainly emphasize on the ‘five-paragraph’ format that starts with an introduction, three body paragraphs and lastly a conclusion. Introduction is traditionally composed of attention grabbing sentences! Body paragraphs include supporting evidences to your presented arguments. The conclusion summarizes the main points giving a final perspective on the issue.
Want to know more? Read here. Writing the essay in five paragraphsTo gain better understanding, go through this sample.

Three Layer Essay

It is popularly known as sandwich essays with three paragraphs presented in an appealing manner. The top slice considers the introduction with a catchy opening statement. The center forms the filing as in sandwiches. The center focuses on interesting details involving the reader throughout. The bottom slice forms the concluding paragraph summarizing the concepts discussed in previous paragraphs.
We have a separate article on three layered essay. You can read it here. Three layers of essay writing
Also, you can go through a three layer sample essay for better understanding

What does a good essay need?

An academic essay aims to persuade the readers of an idea based on evidences. The significance of a good academic essay includes the following:

  • It should have a thesis statement (answer to specified question) and arguments to support it
  • An academic essay should primarily present supporting evidences, relevant examples, substantial information from credible sources and academic texts
  • The essay must be comprehensive to the reader in a logical and progressive way.

Importance of essay writing

Even before students get admission in universities, they have to pass through essay writing as a part of their application. Essay writing is an essential part of both learning process and professional field. Essays are assigned by professors as a method to evaluate the critical thinking skills, writing skills of students and their grasp of the course. Here we list the objectives of essay writing in brief:

  • Time management, completion of task before the stipulated deadline
  • Gathering information by utilizing appropriate resources and references
  • Analysis and interpretation of assembled information (purposeful and reflective analysis involves critical thinking indeed!
  • Essays are served as a tool to evaluate the knowledge of students by assessing their arguments, analytical approach to writing, communication of thoughts with clarity and the conclusion drawn at the end
  • Good essay writing skills will transcend from university to real-life applications outside of academia.

How to quest for an essay topic?

You might encounter two conditions being a university student under strict professors.

1. Pre-assigned Topic

You have no choice to select a desirable one. Even if you are provided with one, jumping on to the next step would not be a fruitful attempt!
Think about the type of paper you are expected to produce. Frame in your mind, whether you need to present a specific analysis or illustration of the general overview. Make sure to be fairly specific to your topic, if you are asked to do so! However, you can easily move on to the next step if the paper demands a general overview.
For instance, if you have been asked to express general overview on ‘Australia’, the task is easy with anyone of us. The other way round, if you are asked to conduct specific analysis on the topic, streamline the essay like ‘Australia’s culture’ or ‘Politics in Australia’.

2. Topic is not Assigned

You have the liberty to choose a desirable topic, in case if you have not been assigned with one. Sometimes it makes the task even more intimidating. When you are free to choose a topic of your interest, follow the simple objectives.

  • Purpose:  Decide on the purpose of essay you are about to write. Is your purpose to persuade readers on a particular argument, to educate them on illustrated details or to guide people with a narrative approach or else a completely different attempt? The topic you choose must fit the purpose.
  • Brainstorm subject of interest:  Jot down the subjects of interest, once you are determined on the purpose of essay. You will get endless options of topics respective to the chosen purpose. If you find it difficult to settle on a particular topic, start looking around for more inkling. Is there anything that grabs your attention? Evaluate your life. What occupies your time the most? That might make a good topic!
  • Evaluate the selected topics:  Develop a pool of selected topics and consider each of them individually. Make sure, a number of ideas manifold when you brainstorm the topic. Try to stick with one of the topics that seem particularly appealing. You are all set to proceed in the essay-writing process once you are determined that the topic is suitable.

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Essay writing – the key stages

1. Starting the essay

Essay writing is not a linear process and you might have to work through various stages in the course of writing a ‘well-structured’ essay. Initiation of the essay involves the following steps.

  • Start early: You can’t write a thriving essay unless you give yourself enough time to read, research, think and write. Do not procrastinate or delay until the last minute. Hence, start early!
  • Analyze and define the task: Writing down everything you know about a topic does not make a good academic essay. Significant analysis of the question and drawing out the exact answer is the focus.
    a) Make sure you understand the question and requisition of it.
    b) Identify the keywords (whether it asks you to ‘analyze’ or simply ‘discuss’) and clarify the approach respective to the requirement.
  • Construction of initial plan: Work out your initial ideas and thoughts on the topic and outline a preliminary essay plan that would help you through the research. An essay plan helps you with a host of benefits i.e. formulation of answers, identification of appropriate information, structuring of the essay, etc. However, as you begin to research and write the essay, the plan would probably change.
2. Research the Topic

Drawing the work of other researchers is a common feature of academic writing. However, improved essay writing would reflect in your assessment grades. Quality essay writing involves adequate research and reading.

  • Read the topic: In order to familiarize yourself with the topic and develop ideas, start reading early! Remember to read with a purpose and ask yourself the following questions:
    a) What knowledge do I have on the topic?
    b) What else do I need to read with an objective to answer precise and accurate?
    c) Is this material useful to support my topic/ arguments?
    Start with what you know and streamline your research on the topic. Do some introductory research, in case you find the topic unfamiliar. Take help from lectures notes for betterment.
  • Research and make notes: Once you are through with research, make sure to pen down the points that strike your mind. Remember, the notes you make will form the base of your essay.
    a) Make a note of the relevant information that you are likely to use as evidence to support your arguments. This can be summaries, useful examples, direct quotes, statistics, figures or case studies.
    b)Make a note of the sources of information used. Jot down the bibliographical details including author’s name, Title, date of publish, publisher, year of publication. For journal articles, include volume and issue numbers. This will help with referencing!
3. Organize your Thoughts

Start organizing your research and ideas into answers. After you are done with enough of research, organize the ideas in a proficient manner.

  • Settle on a possible answer to the question (on the basis of research you have done)
  • Make up your mind on the information you choose to present the argument
  • Look for the notes and present examples as evidence to support your argument
  • Decide the significant points and order of discussion
4. Drafting

Before bumping onto the writing process, frame out the first draft. Once you are prepared with an essay draft, you are halfway to completion. Use the draft as a raw material that will be further refined through editing and redrafting. A draft essay primarily works out on the following:
a) What evidences will you use?
b) Why these evidences are appropriate?
c) How these evidences support your argument?

How to structure the essay?

While beginning the write-up, emphasize on a simplified structure to communicate your ideas and answers with clarity. This is a universal essay structure used by academicians.

1. Introduction

The introduction must be designed to attract the reader’s attention. So try and make it catchy with precise and accurate attributes. We provide you with some ideas to create an attention grabber!

Astounding information

The information you present in the introduction must be verifiable and true to your knowledge; however, it doesn’t need to be entirely new and surprising to your readers. It could simply be a pertinent fact that unambiguously demonstrates the point you wish to present.

Summary information

A few sentences in general terms explaining the topic. This can lead the reader gently through your essay where each sentence blooms out with more details, being more specific.


You can start with an anecdote that illustrates a point in a narrative manner. Make sure the anecdote is precise, to the point and relevant to your topic. Mind you! This can be an effective opener for the essay, if used carefully.
Your introduction, rather the ‘attention grabber’ must be written in a sentence or two. Remember, the paragraph should end with a thesis statement.

2. Compose thesis statement

Now that you have decided the information you are likely to present in your essay, get ready to compose a thesis statement. Be certain! A thesis statement forms the heart of your essay.
The thesis statement argues the point you are about to present in the essay. It is rather defined as the roadmap to the argument that you will develop in the essay paper. Your thesis statement must be concise, well-written and clearly asserted at the beginning of your paper.

3. Body

Body of the essay is composed of paragraphs. Each paragraph acts a building block in the construction of your argument. The body is where all your preparation up to this point comes to realization. The number of paragraphs will vary respective to the number of generated ideas. You may frame the body following this basic structure of paragraphs.

  • First paragraph:  Commonly referred to as the introductory paragraph, it mainly outlines the essay statement. To comprehend the essay towards the reader, make sure the very first paragraph instill a connection to the next paragraph.
  • Second paragraph:  The second paragraph clearly narrates the entire topic. The subject of an essay is elaborated in accordance with the thesis statement presented above. The same way, this paragraph must maintain a transition to the next level.
  • Third paragraph:  This paragraph primarily emphasizes on implementation of arguments, intellectual illustrations and relevant examples in support of your thesis statement. No more transition is necessary for the final paragraph of essay body. The final paragraph is followed by a conclusion of the entire essay.
4. Conclusion

Now you have reached the final section of your essay writing process. The conclusion must include summation of your argued points drawing a final perspective on the essay topic. Let’s take a glimpse on the requirements of an alluring conclusion.

  • Represent your conclusion in three or four strong sentences
  • Simply recapitulate the main points; however, do not restate them exactly
  • Evaluate the thesis statement giving prominence to the topic
  • Synthesis of the essay topic must be presented with a final statement.

How to formulate citation?

Well, you are not yet done! Just two steps remain before your essay gets finally over.
Give credit where the credit is due” is a well known English proverb! While executing your essay, do not forget to acknowledge the source of references used. Students are seen to bewilder confronting with names, places, page numbers, place of publication, footnotes, endnotes etc. This guide acts as an added advantage for those who are unaware of the task.
We list the popular citation styles commonly used to credit sources.

APA Citation

APA referencing style refers to the rules developed by American Psychological Association. It follows in-text citation along with a reference list at the end of your essay. APA style includes author’s last name, date of publication and the page number of any direct quotation. Suppose the reference is, Joseph, Thomas, “The Early Americans”, Free Press, New York, 1986, pp 159-178, then simply in-text with (Joseph, p.161).

MLA Citation

MLA referencing style is primarily applied in arts and humanities, particularly in USA. Modern Language Association (MLA) style of referencing simply states the author’s name with the page number within parenthesis. If the reference is Doe John, “Welders Unite the Nation.” New York: East River Press, 2009, then in-text your essay in the following manner, (John, p. 45).

Chicago style

In this format of reference, the author’s name, title of the journal articles and books are inscribed at the footnote. While citing a book in Chicago referencing style, italicize the name. Conversely, in case of a journal article, put the name within double or single quotation marks italicizing the name of journal inside.
For example: In case of a Journal, M. David, ‘Why statistics?’, Free Press, New York, 2012, pp. 25- 46. However, in case of a book, write M. David, Why Statistics?

Harvard style

It is the popularly used referencing style in UK and Australia. In Harvard referencing style, “author/date” format is used for in-text citations followed by a list of references at the end of your essay. For instance, the reference is J.Thomas & H.Smith“A reading of the Canterbury Tales” Free Press, New York, 2008.
This can be written as “Thomas & Smith, 2008” as in-text citation followed by the J.Thomas &; H.Smith, 2008 A reading of the Canterbury Tales” Free Press, New York” in the reference list.

How to compose a bibliography

Bibliography is equally important in essay writing. It is a list of all books, journal articles, encyclopedias and websites used in your write-up. You will find it easier to execute the final bibliography if you have a complete track of the above-mentioned list. Reserve a page at the end of your essay, appended with a title. Follow the advice depicted below to earn some extra marks from your college professor.

  • The author’s name of the sources consulted is placed in an alphabetical and serial order
  • Next, initiate with the surname of author followed by the year of publication, title of his work, place of publication and name of the publisher
  • Bibliography is mainly of three types i.e. enumerative, descriptive, and analytical. Enumerative bibliography involves arrangement of author, subject and date in a tabular format. Descriptive one considers the details of the physical nature of books apart from author’s name, date, and publication. Analytical bibliography includes descriptions of paper and binding, printers, publishers, booksellers, etc.

A short review of essay writing

Here’s a short recapitulation in case you have lost track of the points that we have discussed.

  • An essay is a part of academic coursework inevitable for students pursuing a college or university degree. Essays can be written for many purposes respective to its significant types, as discussed above.
  • Topic of the essay can either be assigned or chosen accordingly. In case you have been given the liberty to select a desirable topic, do not go haywire; rather link your topic with the specified guidelines by your instructor.
  • Comprehensive research on the topic is mandatory. Make sure to use credible sources for supportive evidences.
  • Make a note of what you are reading. Do not let your thoughts get strewn from the main focus. Now it’s time to systematize the main points.
  • Outline an essay plan along with the first draft. Decide whether you prefer a free flow structure or a strict format. Well, you are just a few steps behind to a well-structured essay once you are done with drafting.
  • Classify the structure into three main parts i.e. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Be certain, a proficient presentation is likely to increase your grades.
  • Here’s a better illustration of your essay structure. Introduction that comprehend the research question, appended with a thesis statement. Body includes follow up with adequate research findings and evidences. Lastly, summarize your argument in conclusion.
  • Students should be careful! There’s always a mark penalty for substandard and inadequate citation. Students should acknowledge the resources used with ample citation/bibliography. Ask your professor for his preferable reference style, if he does not mention one, you can choose any of the following four: APA style or MLA citation, Harvard referencing style or Chicago citation.
  • Proofread your final draft carefully. You will be amazed to identify numerous silly mistakes that were unpredictable. Check spellings, punctuations and grammatical errors. You cannot afford to lose marks due to trivial mistakes.

Writing a good essay is not about simply re-telling the existing concepts and ideas. Rather, a good essay takes into account the authentic point of views and putting forward arguments which reflect the writer’s informed opinion. Before you begin to plan for an essay, make sure to scrutinize and implement the above points. I am sure this guide is going to work wonder for you!

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Assignment Writing Guide

Why did we write this guide?

The importance of assignment writing in colleges and universities can hardly be overstated. A well-written assignment can shoot up your C.G.P.A. while poorly written one can earn the professor’s disdain. We wanted to demystify the process of writing an assignment and explain each point separately in order to help students grasp the art of assignment writing. Although it might seem like madness, we insist that there is a method to it.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is meant for all the miserable souls trying to impress their fastidious teachers. You may be an engineering student, a science student or a management student. No matter which stream you belong to or which level of undergraduate or graduate study you are pursuing, you will find our guide to be the most comprehensive one.

How to use this guide?

Each section relates to one specific aspect of assignment writing. They can be read in isolation. However, in order to gain full-fledged knowledge of the subject you need to read all the way through. Having finished reading, you will find yourself to be better equipped in handling an assignment on any giving topic. All academicians follow certain standard norms and rules while writing assignments, essays or theses. We summarize some of the cardinal principles of academic writing.

Good Topics for Composing Striking Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay requires you to put forth an argument on a topic, collect and present evidence to support the argument. Considered as an analytical piece of writing, an argumentative essay can be a tough nut to crack. However, once you finalize on a topic and conduct the necessary background research, putting words to paper following a rational stream of arguments becomes much easier. These kinds of essays require a lot of in-depth research and a careful perusal of all the perspectives or arguments for and against a particular stance. Empirical evidence, such as statistics and results of previous research, is indispensable when composing a winning argumentative essay. Since choosing a topic for your argumentative essay is the first hurdle that you have to overcome, we have collected some ideas and topics that you might be able to put to use for your assignment to impress your professors and secure superb grades!

Argumentative essays – outline and structure

The best essays always go by the 5-paragraph rule, and it is a mark of an efficient writer who can sum up all his arguments with conviction within the 5-paragraph structure for argumentative essays. The structure of an argumentative essay follows the format discussed below.

  • Introductory paragraph

In the first paragraph of the argumentative essay, you are required to introduce the topic to your readers and draw a logical thesis statement from it. This thesis statement will form the backbone of presenting your arguments in accordance with the topic, so be careful while constructing it. In the first paragraph, you must also mention why the topic you have chosen for your argumentative essay has a certain amount of exigency assigned to it – as it may be a social issue or an environmental cause that needs to be written about – so that the readers understand the relevance of the arguments that you present next.

  • Body Paragraphs

The body of your argumentative essay should ideally be three paragraphs long and must contain all the arguments along with the supporting pieces of evidence. Counter-arguments should also find their way in the body paragraphs and need to be refuted along with suitable evidence as well. Be careful to assign one paragraph to one general idea or argument and do not overlap arguments. Discussing the arguments in a rational manner following clear and simple transitions is one of the key traits in an argumentative essay.

  • Conclusive paragraph

The conclusive paragraph should necessarily summarize the argument and state whether the thesis statement delineated in the introduction stands the test of time. In the conclusive paragraph, in addition to a general summary of the essay, you must also present your perception on the topic and end will an appeal to further research or action with relevance to the topic. A logical and effective conclusion goes a long way to create an impression on the minds of the readers, so be careful to compose a captivating closing line for your argumentative essay.

Quick tips for choosing a topic for argumentative essays

There can be thousands of possibilities as topics for argumentative essays as we see conflicting or dichotomous ideas all around us every day. Since choosing a topic is the first step towards writing an argumentative essay, and here are three quick tips to help you with knowing what topic to choose for your essay.

  • Zero in on your area of interest in your discipline. What do you like about your subject? Delve deep into your areas of interest to find one that appeals to you the most.
  • Once you know what broad area you wish to focus on, ask some basic questions like the what, how, when, why and the like about the discipline. If you find contrasting answers to the same questions within your discipline, the chances are that those areas are perfect to shed light upon through your argumentative essay.
  • Finally, research extensively using all the resources that you have to find out the stances that have been explored on the topic of your choice so framing the arguments becomes clearer and easier inside your mind.

Finalizing on a topic can be tedious which is why we have also suggested a few ideas below on a wide range of disciplines for you to choose from for your argumentative essay.

Engaging argumentative essay topics

We have collected intriguing topics for argumentative essays under a variety of disciplines and specializations. They are listed below for your convenience. You can take your pick from the list or follow the pattern to frame one on your own for composing a great argumentative essay.

  • Economics
  • Is feminist economics a thing of the past?
  • Business outsourcing benefits the country receiving the work
  • What is the ideal restricting of pay scales: performance-based wages or hour-based structure?
  • Should credit card companies add a cautionary and warning page as part of their contract booklets?
  • Recessional prospects usually go down with the decrease of the usage of paper money within an economy
  • Do student loans cause hindrances to the growth of a country’s economy?
  • A European economic crisis is sure to set off a global economic meltdown
  • Illegal immigration affects the economies poorly – an argumentative study
  • Do patent wars affect the price and sales of new products?
  • Small businesses have more weight in the economies of developing countries than in developed ones – an argumentative analysis
  • Education
  • Curriculum in schools should only focus on critical thinking
  • Corporal punishment should be abolished in schools
  • Sex education should be halted in schools
  • Is the current high school education system losing its relevance?
  • Plagiarism in academics is not a serious crime
  • Is a university degree the only pathway to success in life?
  • Home-schooling is better than conventional schooling
  • How important is mandatory physical education among schoolchildren?
  • Is learning sign language as important as learning a foreign language?
  • Has the privatization of education led to a dip in academic standards all over the world?
  • Law and legal studies 
  • How appropriate is the legal drinking age?
  • Should there be a worldwide ban on using nuclear weapons?
  • Do outlawed substances only contribute to the growth of black markets?
  • The restaurants must be required by the law to provide calorie listings for all items on their menus
  • Sending juveniles to prison for life is morally unjustified
  • Should marijuana be legalized because medical marijuana has several health benefits?
  • Access to birth control is a right that is beyond the reaches of law
  • Should there be stricter laws on firearms ownership and use?
  • Cigarettes and addictive substances should be outlawed
  • Granting personhood to large corporations should be made mandatory by law
  • Science
  • There is no connection between science and religion
  • An argumentative approach to Darwinism and his theory of evolution
  • The economic profits of cutting down trees is far more than the environmental impact
  • Medical research on animals should be banned
  • How be effective will energy from fossil fuels in replacing non-renewable energy resources?
  • Should genetic engineering be made legal for fetuses identified as having mental or physical aberrations?
  • Was NASA’s “Man on the Moon” mission a governmental hoax?
  • Is it safe to consume genetically modified food?
  • Is it possible to make Mars habitable for humans with the latest technological advancements?
  • Human cloning is not ethical and should never be allowed for experimental purposes
  • Social studies
  • Women should wear less revealing clothes to bring down catcalls
  • Online dating is gradually replacing the need for real dates
  • Welfare recipients must undergo regular drug screenings and tests sponsored and organized by the governments
  • Social media creates and fosters isolation among individuals
  • Video games perpetuate violence and prejudice among children of impressionable age
  • Is it alright for a guy to cry? – an argumentative analysis of gender stereotypes
  • Escapism is now a social reality through our virtual lives
  • Are women who work lack in their roles as mothers?
  • Children should be able to change their names if they wished so
  • The citizens of emerging countries are responsible for their sorry state of affairs
  • Arts and media 
  • Television is gradually becoming outdated in the era of advanced technologies for entertainment
  • The current generation of musicians will not make it to the classic hall of fame in music
  • News shows should not focus on the lives of celebrities
  • Media creates unrealistic expectations about marriage and relationships
  • Television is guilty of being “too white”
  • Film censorship should be revised to incorporate the creative license of filmmakers
  • How is much violence in television too much violence?
  • Is print advertisement gradually becoming obsolete?
  • Journalism should be wholly unbiased, and prejudice in reporting should be legally punishable
  • Photoshopped images have negative impacts on self-image and self-esteem
  • Environment and ecology 
  • Should car owners pay hiked taxes as they are contributing to global pollution?
  • Humans are solely responsible for climate change
  • Companies that dump toxic waste and materials should be closed down
  • Recycling household waste should be made mandatory for the developed countries
  • Are the governments all over the world doing enough to put an end to the reliance on non-renewable energy resources?
  • All cars in the future should be hybrid to reduce environmental harm caused by pollution
  • People are overly concerned about the effects of nuclear power plants on the global environment
  • Governments should work towards making public transport free for everyone to take the cars off roads for reducing pollution
  • Individuals should face more severe consequences for littering
  • Should the manufacture of cheap goods be banned due to the environmental damage that occurs during production?
  • Sports and athletics management 
  • Weightlifting is an ‘unnatural’ sports for women
  • Sports involving animals should be banned
  • Homosexual orientation in athletes attract more media attention and fan hype
  • Betting in sports should be legal all over the world
  • The use of steroids in athletics should lead to the dishonour of all awards and trophies for the individual
  • Are the rules and punitive measures for coaches misbehaving with the sportspersons too lenient?
  • Home-schooled students should be allowed to take part in sports in the public school grounds
  • Video games should be considered as sports
  • Do most of the money that the athletes earn go in funding their managers and sponsors?
  • Is football a too dangerous sport for schoolchildren?
  • Healthcare and fitness 
  • Are traditional and alternative courses of medicine and therapy reliable in curing diseases?
  • Does being underweight have similar health concerns as being overweight?
  • Serving French fries and soft drinks should be banned in school cafeterias
  • Vegetarianism is harmful to health
  • Euthanasia should be made legal for terminally ill patients all over the globe
  • There is no ideal amount of water intake for a grown-up – the more, the merrier
  • Performance stimulants used by sportspersons have a detrimental effect on the long-term health of individuals
  • Unhealthy foods should have higher taxes to prevent the over-processing while preparation
  • Parents failing to provide proper nutrition and diet for children should be penalized
  • Corporate wellness should be made mandatory for everyone all over the world
  • Business studies 
  • The most telling reason for bankruptcy in companies and conglomerates is poor leadership
  • Teamwork should be redefined to meet futuristic requirements of technology and communication
  • The usage of lie detectors while interviewing prospective employees should be made mandatory for better human resource management
  • The efficient delegation of responsibilities is what makes a great manager
  • Advertisements containing sexist undertones should be banned
  • Holistic approaches to business planning is a surefire way to success
  • Dress code in offices help in increasing the productivity of employees
  • Interconnected firms are always at a competitive advantage in business
  • The advertisements for addictive substances should be banned
  • Monitoring employees’ use of Internet office gadgets and devices should be encouraged
  • Psychology
  • Does hypnosis help to retrieve forgotten memories and occurrences?
  • Is the psychology behind “chocolate helps reduce depression” truth or fiction?
  • ADHD is present in all children
  • Having an elder sibling has negative effects on the socialization and psychological development of a child
  • What powers does music have to evoke emotions in the listeners?
  • Social media addiction always gives rise to psychopathic tendencies among individuals
  • Depression is caused by gender-based factors
  • There are strong psychological basis for obesity among children
  • Bipolar people can have a normal life after being socialized
  • Narcissism in mothers negatively impacts the psychology of their children
  • Miscellaneous
  • Jargon has resulted from language revolution over the years
  • Governments should increase the number of male nurses in the hospitals to end gender stereotyping in workplaces
  • The Nazi ideology is entirely disconnected from Nietzsche’s philosophy
  • Handwriting teaching is gradually becoming outdated
  • Online dating is not a strong basis for a long-lasting relationship
  • Churches should also be part of the taxpaying population worldwide
  • Artificial intelligence will supersede human intelligence in the near future
  • Drug abuse is hardly a problem among teenagers from developing countries
  • The wage gap based on gender in corporate structures all over the world is justified
  • Are security cameras a violation of the concept of private space?

You will be able to find topics of every interest from the list that our experts help us to create. In fact, you can also follow the pattern and frame one according to your preferences in your discipline. Once you choose a topic, writing an impressive argumentative essay will just be a few steps away. Good luck on choosing the topic, and championing your argumentative essay like a pro!

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100 Inspiring Topics for Composing Cause & Effect Essays

– William Shakespeare in The Comedy of Errors

Cause and effect essays explore precisely that – they look into the causes and carefully lay out the effects in a logical and straightforward manner. Analysing the reasons behind certain phenomena and the outcomes of the reasons, the cause and effect essays seek to discover the origins of why something happens the way it does. Cause and effect are quite a popular essay writing assignments for students in colleges and universities and is one of the most vital types of essays that you must know how to compose. At times, for a cause and effect essay, you will be required to identify and explore the causes while some will require you to analyse the effects of certain causes in great detail. But more often than not, you must find out the causes as well as delineate the effects in your essays. The cause and effect essays follow the logical pattern or thought process as shown.

Suppose X is the phenomenon or the topic of your cause and effect essay. You will need to structure the essay based on the following rational grounds.
  • What were the reasons for X happening? – [identify the causes of the occurrence of X]
  • What were the outcomes of X? – [identify the effects of the occurrence of X]
  • What can further happen because of X? – [predict some feasible and logical outcomes of x]

Highlighting the reasons and the outcomes of the topic is thus the primary objective of a cause and effect essay. You can explore the causes and the effects of the phenomena in detail while composing the body of the essay. Expert essay writers and academic paper writers always suggest that you carefully examine the topic and do the background research before composing your cause and effect essays so you can be well informed about the topic beforehand that enables you to write one with relative ease. In fact, in case you find a topic for your cause and effect essay to be too tough to tame, you can always fall back on the stable guidance and knowledgeable expertise of the custom writers for all types of major essay help online and custom writing services that you may require for your academics.

Tips to write a cause and effect essay like a pro

You must all be familiar with the belief that everything that happens around us has its own share of consequences or effects. The outcomes of the causes and their relational dynamics are precisely what is explored in the cause and effect essays. According to the leading scholastic paper writing service providers, you must follow a logical plan and structure your cause and effect essay accordingly. To ensure that you get stellar grades for your cause and effect essay, go by the expert tips that we have prepared just for you. These tips will help you to plan, organise, compose and edit your essay to perfection and will be sure to impress your readers and professors alike.

  • Pick a topic

Selecting an essay topic is the first step that you have to tick off your cause and effect essay checklist. While choosing the topic, carefully consider the scope of research and the detailing of arguments that come with it. Many ignore this very vital step and end up with an essay writing topic that is too broad for them to sum up within a five-paragraph essay structure. Keep in mind that an essay is not a research paper and only the most compelling of the arguments should make their way within the limited confinements of the essay word count. To avoid having to compose a half-baked cause and effect essay on a poorly chosen topic, you can consult the topics that we have compiled for you and pick one that piques your interest or frame one of your following the pattern we have provided.

  • Research extensively

Once you have selected your topic, conduct the research needed to write the cause and effect essay like a pro. Remember that every great piece of writing has many hours of research and background study behind it, and just as Rome was not built in a day, you too, will not be able to magically conjure an impressive essay from thin air in seconds. For a cause and effect that leaves a lasting impression, you will need to read up all that you can get your hands on about the topic that you choose for your essay. In addition to visiting libraries with your reading list, you can also keep an eye out for journals, magazines, newspapers, e-books, scholarly articles on the Internet, and the digital archives of your library to find information and fascinating statistics about the topic of your choice. The research that you conduct at this stage will form the base for your essay, so be sure to prepare the strong foundation of knowledge on the topic.

  • Brainstorm and prepare a list

Now that you have a world of information about the topic of your choice for the cause and effect essay, it is time to form the logical mainframe of the essay. In case you wish to compose the essay all by yourself without any professional guidance or cheap essay help from the scholastic solution providers online, this step is crucial in the composition of your cause and effect essay. Leading essay helpers and professional essay types are of the opinion that in the brainstorming stage of composing your cause and effect essay, you must have a calm and composed mind to start it off. The list that you must prepare at the brainstorming stage will consist of all the causes and effects that you can find in relation to the topic. Do not pause to filter the list right at this stage. Instead, just jot down everything that comes to your mind, or you find as a result of your research. Neatly listing the causes and effects, you can later use this form the outline of your cause and effect essay.

  • Compose the outline

The next step towards writing a fabulous cause and effect essay is creating an outline of which you can structure your essay. Composing the outline for your cause and effect essay starts with the list that you prepared at the brainstorming stage of essay writing. Take a close look at the list and identify three to four major causes and the resultants effects from the list that you prepared. Now, create another list, this time containing only the causes and effects that you choose to highlight in your essay that does justice to the topic of your choice. For the outline of your essay, enlist the causes in accordance with their effects in a logical order following rational stream of thought. As the outline is the biggest determining factor for the structure of your cause and effect essay, be careful to choose the most relevant ones from the list and keep an eye on the sequencing.

  • Write and organise your essay

At last, you have arrived at the stage where you compose your cause and effect essay. Following the five-paragraph essay format, you can go for an engaging hook or introduction for your essay, follow it up with succinctly detailed and elaborately illustrated arguments (the causes and their consequential effects), and finish with a conclusion that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your readers. While composing the cause and effect essay, be sure to frame the sentences in a way that makes your essay an interesting read. Instead of just stating the points as they are, introduce a lucid writing style with anecdotes, your take on the issue, or some fascinating facts and figures. As for delineating the causes and effects, the following are some pointers to keep in mind while composing the essay. You can use them in the sentences for discussing the causal relationships and their resultant effects in your cause and effect essays for more pronounced effect on your readers.

  • Cause pointers and words: Because, led to, causes, reasons for, so, due to, explanations, etc.
  • Effects pointers and words: As a result, thus, thanks to, therefore, consequently, then, resultantly, etc.

In the body of your essay, it is best to use transitional phrases and sentences that connect the paragraphs together and ensure a smooth flow of reading and logic throughout the essay. Try to use active verbs and sensory details that bring life to your essay. As for the conclusion, you should ideally close the essay by restating the thesis statement and validating it along with a call to further action to the readers.

  • Revise and proofread

A well-edited and thoroughly proofread essay always scores better brownie points with the readers and professors alike. Therefore, the revision for your cause and effect essay should be absolutely top-notch if you wish to score superb grades. There can be two ways that you take at the last stage of preparing an impressive cause and effect essay: do it yourself or take the assistance of the professional essay editors and certified essay proofreaders to revise your essay for you. Whichever way you choose to take, be sure to revise the essay multiple times for ensuring that there are no errors in it; for at the root of an essay that impresses lies great grammar, splendid use of vocabulary, and impeccable punctuation. Keeping an eye out for these three as well as factual and typographical errors, thus, cover all the bases for a successful revision process for your cause and effect essays to shine brightly.

There go our expert tips for writing an engaging cause and effect essay. Now you can choose from the topics below or construct one according to the interests that help you compose a splendid cause and effect essay.

Topics for nailing that cause and effect essay

Choosing topics for cause and effect essays are easy and difficult at the same time. Since everything in this world happens for a reason or as an effect of some cause, you will think that choosing a topic is pretty easy as there is no dearth of options to pick from. However, it is not quite that in reality as narrowing topics from a broad spectrum of subjects, specialisations, areas of interest and disciplines is a tedious task indeed. To make your job a lot more easier so you do not have to fret over choosing a topic to impress your professors and for writing an impeccable cause and effect essay, the following is a massive collection of topics to choose from that you can consult and find one that fits your scholastic requirements to the T. Brace yourself, for here comes the vast compilation of 100 cause and effect topics that are sure to wow your professors and fetch you much-coveted brownie points.

  • Explain the causes and effects of global warming
  • Write about the impacts of smoking during pregnancy on the health of the mother and the child
  • What are the psychological causes and resultant effects of the compulsive lying disorder?
  • Name five primary causes of racism among the young adults of this generation
  • Write about the causes and effects of alcoholism and substance abuse in teenagers
  • Discuss the causes and effects of terrorism
  • Briefly discuss the causes and effects of the Big Bang
  • Discuss the causes and effects of brand loyalty among customers
  • What are the causes and effects of communal riots?
  • Explain the major causes that lead people to become addicted to exercising
  • Discuss the causes of online shopping making consumers spend more money
  • Name the primary causes for truancy and dropping out
  • Discuss the effects of weather on the mood and state of mind among people
  • Explain the positive and the negative effects of the advancements in technology in our lives
  • What are the major effects of feminism on a traditional family structure and the institution of marriage?
  • Name three primary causes of voter apathy
  • Explain the effects of smart and online learning among the students of the digitised age
  • Discuss the lack of freedom of speech in democratic societies
  • Explain the most significant causes and effects of climate change all across the world
  • What are the causes and effects of depression in women?
  • Detail the causes and effects of animal species becoming endangered or extinct
  • What are the effects of online dating among the urban youth?
  • Generation gap: discuss the causes and effects
  • Explain the causal relationship between cramming and test scores
  • Discuss the effects of learning a foreign language on the cognitive ability and memory of an individual
  • Explain the effects of the “throwing away” culture on the growth of solid waste around the world
  • Discuss the effects of a troubled family relationship and the tendency of delinquency among the teenagers
  • Name seven primary causes of a video game becoming popular with suitable examples
  • Discuss the primary causes of sibling rivalry
  • What are the causes and effects of unemployment among the youth?
  • Discuss the causes and effects of forest fires
  • Discuss the causes and effects of the Internet revolution in the digitised age
  • What are the causes and effects of water and air pollution?
  • Discuss the primary causes of allergic contractions among the elderly
  • Choose a significant event from the history of your nation and discuss the causes and the effects of the event
  • Delineate the reasons for the widespread effects of HIV/AIDS in the African countries
  • What are the causes and effects of volcanic eruptions?
  • Discuss the impacts of sports on the society as a tool for promoting peace
  • Explain the impacts of a girl child’s relationship with her father in childhood on her relationship with men in later life
  • Discuss the causes and effects of not getting children vaccinated
  • Write about the causes and effects of acid rain
  • Discuss the cause and effects of the rising popularity of fast food restaurant in your locality
  • Write about the effects of choosing to have an abortion on a heterogeneous relationship
  • What are the reasons for football and soccer becoming so popular among college goers?
  • Explain the causes and effects of the Singularity with special reference to the development of artificial intelligence
  • Why are more and more children becoming affected by the Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
  • Discuss the effects of long distance relationship on the millennial youngsters
  • Discuss the effects of fast food in giving rise to people with cancer
  • Explain the historical and political causes that led to Emile Durkheim propounding his theories on social studies
  • What are the major causes of children rebelling against their parents?
  • Explain the impacts of medical marijuana in treating patients affected by terminal diseases
  • Discuss the impacts of the works of UNO on the political and administrative levels of the member countries
  • What are the long-lasting effects of excessive mobile phone usage?
  • Discuss the impacts of social media on family relationships
  • What are the effects of the war in the Middle East on the lives of people from developed countries?
  • Explain a personal stigma or fear and give the reasons for its causes and the effects it has had on your personal life
  • Explain the impacts of the order of birth on the development of an individual’s personality and career
  • Discuss the impacts of domestic violence among children aged from 6 to 12
  • Write about the effects of learning to compose great academic pieces of writing on an individual’s personal life and professional career
  • What are the primary causes that lead to men becoming afraid or reluctant towards commitment
  • Explain the primary causes and the resultant effects of poverty in the developing nations of the world
  • Discuss the effects of grandparents raising a child
  • What are the primary reasons for the rise of militant groups and violence in North Korea?
  • Explain the causes and effects of any two major mental illnesses with suitable examples
  • Discuss the causes of children who take part in co-curricular activities being more popular in the peer groups
  • What were the effects of the invention of the printing press?
  • Explain the effects of a study abroad program on the professional and personal life of an overseas student
  • Discuss the effects of smoking with special focus on contracting lung and thorax cancer
  • What are the impacts of mass media in shaping biased opinions in the public about certain events and occurrences?
  • Discuss the effects of drone attacks on the terrorists and civilians in a war zone
  • What are the effects of family vacations on family relationships?
  • Explain the causes and effects of a natural calamity like tsunami
  • Write about the major causes of homelessness
  • Name three major causes of the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11
  • Discuss the effects of globalisation on the spread of diseases and epidemics
  • What are the effects that growing up with food insecurity has on a child’s socio-psychological upbringing?
  • Discuss the reasons for Google becoming the most popular search engine all across the world
  • Select a renowned non-profit organisation and discuss its impacts on t tackling social problems it chooses to address
  • Explain the major reasons for patients choosing to opt for non-traditional medicine like herbal supplements over traditional medical therapies
  • Write about the widespread effects of smartphone technology and the Internet on the marketing strategies of global conglomerates
  • Discuss the effects of inadequate or poor sanitation facilities in the women and children from developing nations of the world
  • What are the primary causes that disabled or specially-abled individuals are still looking for jobs and are one of the primary victims of unemployment all over the world?
  • Discuss the effects of an inadequate health insurance on an individual’s health and social standing
  • Explain the effects of standardised testing on the dropout rates at schools
  • What were the major causes and effects of the Civil War?
  • Discuss the major causes of people cheating on their relationships
  • Discuss the effects of ADHD and dyslexia on a child’s cognitive framework
  • Discuss the reasons for increasing interest in feminism in the 1960s and the 1970s
  • Name three causes that led to the formation of the League of Nations and explain the reasons why it fell through
  • What are the positive and negative effects of homeschooling on a child’s education and development of personality
  • What were the impacts of the World War II on people of Jewish origin?
  • Discuss five causes and effects of soil erosion
  • Write about the positive and negative effects of school uniforms
  • Discuss the effects of colonialism on the perception of Great Britain about itself
  • What were the effects of the innate human curiosity in the discovery of new places?
  • Discuss the causes and effects of bullying in schools
  • What are the primary causes and effects of immigration? Support your answer with suitable examples.
  • Name the main reasons that cause environmental disasters or catastrophes
  • What are the effects of longer school days on a school’s educational objectives and outcomes?
  • Delineate the primary reasons for drug wars in Colombia.

Having myriad topics for cause and effect essays covering many disciplines and areas of interest, the extensive list of essay topics will now come to your help to choose one that wows your professors. In case you do not find your topic listed here, you can always frame one as per your area of interest and compose a killer cause and effect essay based on that. Do not forget to take a look at the expert tips to compose perfect cause and effect essays that we have provided as a bonus with this blog. Spoiler alert: it contains one or two words about the perfect cause and effect essay structure as well. Gather all your writing acumen and focus – you can surely nail that cause and effect essay with the right amount of determination and deliberation for sure. Here is wishing you all the luck for your cause and effect essay! Godspeed.

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Online Assignment Help Experts Tell You 9 Ways to Make Your Holidays Productive

While on a break, it’s normal to put the comfy and cosy blanket on and let the lazy you rule over the house. Not to forget that if it’s the period after the examinations and those strenuous semesters are over, you can now finally relax, and take some extra nap following the busy, stressful and tiring weeks. You must have thought that its holidays, so no class, tuitions or assignments for the next few days. But that does not mean that you will spend the whole day rolling on the couch and see the days passing by. Will it only bring back the hectic days of college right? So why shouldn’t you plan something better and productive? All you want to enjoy the holidays, right? Come on pal! Don’t waste your time like that. After all student life comes only once and very little effort to make it memorable will count in the long run.

How It Works

Being in the industry for the last one decade as an online assignment help service provider, we are aware how difficult it is for the students to move and start something new during the holidays. But you can trust us. All we want to do is to make your break worthy of your efforts. Here are few ideas that you can try out as suggested by our assignment help experts without missing the fun:

  1. Watch YouTube Videos:

Its holidays and who does not love watching the recent shows on YouTube? Just binge-watch the favourite TV shows with a tub of popcorn. But hey! What about watching some more videos that will help you learn new things?  It can be the channels that encourage DIY (Do It Yourself) activities and learn some life hacks from there. Many online Assignment help services have also come with their own channels and sharing educational videos. You can get out few minutes daily to take a look at those videos and learn various important tips and tricks for managing your assignment writing challenges. After all, assignments are the first thing you will come across right after the college re-opens. So why not prepare beforehand?

YouTube EDU, TED & TEDx, Edutopia, BIEPBL, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, @GoogleTalks, Common craft, The Alcove, THNKR, MinutePhysics, New Scientist, ReelNASA, ScienCentral, NASA Television, British Geological Survey, Gizmodo, History Channel, WHO, UNICEF, Mind Your Mind, BBC Learning, JenniferESL are to only name a few from hundreds and thousands of YouTube channels that you can carry on watching for a productive holiday.

  1. Revamp Your Wardrobe – Go Shopping

‘Who suggests that? I mean that’s the very first thing I will do right after my exams are over.’ We are sure you are thinking this by just going through the pointer, right? Well, spending more than a decade as an online assignment help service provider and answering the requests – ‘I need assignment help’ we are well-versed with what students actually do during their holidays. You will go shopping but we can bet it won’t be planned. Impulsive shopping does no good and only increases your expenses. So let’s keep aside these who, why, how and focus on why you should definitely go shopping when you are on a break.

Students always go through the phase of budget constraint. Even if it’s an emergency shopping, they need to calculate how much money is left and what more is there to do in that month. On the flipside, if you have left your hometown or your country for studies and have settled to a place which has exactly opposite weather and climatic situation, shopping during the break is necessary to combat the struggles of weather conditions. Even the biggest brands offer stunning clearance sales during the college breaks. Why not pick some awesome and basic pieces that can revamp your wardrobe? Your college buddies are surely going to envy you for that!

  1. Start a New Form of Yoga

Even if you have a sound workout routine, make some changes there. Include one or two moves of yoga in your regime during the holidays. As studies continue to reveal health benefits of doing yoga, add yoga moves to your training regime for better concentration and peace of mind. Plus, as you continue with the same workout routine, your body has now become acquainted with those moves. So the benefits are not anymore the same. But when you inculcate change, your body is up to some new challenge. Don’t be scared of the new moves or the injuries may come. You are at home on a break; unwanted injuries can be taken care of.

You can always ask a professional to help you out like you do when there is a crucial assignment requirement. So just like that as you ask ‘do my assignment’, ask a reputed trainer to guide you make the new moves. “Try a few different moves and styles with new trainers. Then, stick with the one that resonates with you for a good amount of time and stays dedicated to the practice. The first day you don’t like a class shouldn’t be a reason to bolt and try something new,” says an expert yoga trainer when describing us the basics.

  1. Cook with Your Mom!

Must you remember those midnight hunger cravings at the hostel? There were ramen packets, and your roomie stored some bacon and meat strips in the fridge also. Alas! You didn’t know how to cook, hence spent sleepless and hungry nights.

Why continue that even in the next semester? Get off the bed and learn some easy and healthy breakfast ideas from mom. She is well accustomed to your taste buds which even you were not aware of. Plus, you can’t ignore the family time you will spend together. The best part? You will learn a new surviving skill. Not to forget that your mom is the only person who can handover the secret family recipes to you. Bonus: you can surprise and get the best cook award in the college next time.

  1. Do Something Memorable

Hop into anything that you have never done before. Travel to a new place, join the Christmas carol, volunteer for the society, donate blood or sign up for eye donation. Do something that will encourage others, and you can set an example. Make a mark by spending your holidays wisely.

  1. Visit Your Friends

Again, this online assignment help service has come up with a clichéd suggestion. Ask why? Well when you catch up with your friends, what do you usually do? Gossip, exchange stories and experiences and chat about your best actors or sports personalities and upcoming movies.

Let’s make it a bit different. As everyone from your friends’ group does not belong to the same alma mater, there is some or the other course or program that is useful – be it for higher studies or to enhance your employability and technical skills. Share news about effective online or vocational courses. Ask if the other institutes have come up with some exciting scholarships programs and what are the processes to join it.

  1. Make Scholarship Applications

There’s no better time to appeal for your scholarship than now. It won’t take the entire break for you to apply for scholarships, just spend a couple of hours daily researching for the one suitable with your further study plans. You can also apply for an internship in this period.

You can always consider the following list made by our experts who are providing online assignment help to the students for many years now:

  • SBO Essay contest
  • One Earth Young Filmmakers Contest
  • com Scholarship
  • Providian Medical Scholarship
  • Technology Addiction Awareness Award
  • Constitution Connection
  • Black Friday’s Scholarship And Internships
  • Davidson Fellowship
  • James W. McLamore WHOPPER Scholarship Program
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition
  • The Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology
  • Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway Contest
  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
  • Olshan Foundation Scholarship

This is a brief list of some popular student scholarships. If you get any other which satisfy your requirements, always go for that.

  1. Plan for the Next Semester

Planning for an entire semester can be done during this break. Say no to all those procrastinations, time constraint and poor outcomes just because you weren’t able to plan your due task accordingly. When you are on a break, you get ample time to dwell on the previously made mistakes. You get time to understand what went wrong and what should be done to make the results better.

You know it well that if you have asked ‘write my assignment’ to the online assignment help service earlier, they would have worked on it better. It was only you who could not afford to give them some extra hours. So this semester, plan that as well. Whenever you need help from the online assignment help services, make sure to plan an order ASAP. They can bring hell and heaven difference in your grades if you ask for timely help from these agencies.

So use this break as a great opportunity to assess your mistakes and plan the upcoming semester. “Schedule your downtime, allotting it in homework assignments, projects and review time. That way, when it comes time for exams, you won’t be crashing and pulling all-nighters,” suggests a veteran academic writer, associated with the online assignment help services.

  1. Get Some Sleep, Rest and Relax

With all these not-so-common holiday activities, also get some sleep that you could not at the hostel due to the extreme pressure of studies. With the comfort of your own bed, we are sure you will have a better sleep than that happens to be in your hostel room with the snoring roommates.

Experts’ talk: “Nobody achieved greatness when they’re half-asleep and stressed out of their mind. When making your schedule, allow some downtime for relaxation.” Got that? Now get long 10-hours’ sleep every day during your holidays. And make sure to sleep at night following the usual healthy routine. In the holidays, promise yourself no nightlife and no crazy sleep schedule. What’s the advantage? When you go back to college, you won’t have to adjust much to wake up for 8 am classes all over again.

To make more of your holidays, you can also cling on to these activities:

  • Read as much as you can
  • Visit museums and planetariums
  • Learn money managing skills
  • Sell/donate stuff, books and notes that you do not use anymore
  • Learn about family history
  • Clear your email inbox
  • Talk with successful family members to get career advice

It’s not possible for a student to apply all these activities in his/her one-month long vacation. On the other hand, you have your movie plans with your school friends and family gatherings to attend. So don’t get confused or overwhelmed with the long list we have given. Make a realistic plan and enjoy a productive, fun-filled holiday!

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Know When You Should Get Assignment Help & The Benefits That You Reap From It

Time has been the witness to innumerable changes. Time has seen the development and birth of several institutes of education where again with the progress in time several new courses are added each year. In comparison with the yesteryear’s courses, students are now more in trouble trying to balance their life and studies. The 24 hours of the day falls short for them. In addition to this, one vital part of any student’s life is doing assignments where a majority of the students is found to say, ‘I need assignment help.

Submit Your Query Want to get round the clock assignment help from proficient experts? Get in touch with us who remain online 24x7 and receive impeccable assignment help Fill up this form to get your assignment help. You can also use this form for any assignment help related query even if you have your assignment help login details with you.

But the issue is that in most of the cases it becomes quite late for the student to understand that he/she is facing problems and finally say, ‘I need assignment help.  Assignments have a deadline and hence needs to be submitted within that time period. What students do is that they keep on trying to start writing the papers. The visit libraries, search for materials online, etc. Some of them if they get their hands on some materials try to compose the papers and finally get stuck in the middle. This thing only results in wastage of time.

As a solution for this, students should understand when they should place the request for ‘please do my assignment’ and get the papers done within the deadline. There are signs that they should try to identify or understand a situation early which will help them to get the help with writing their assignments on time. A mere delay in getting help will also lead to getting assignments that are done in a hurry because you have a narrow deadline.

There are several service providers now who give excellent online assignment help. What you or the students just need to do is register with a service provider of your choice by going to their site, fill in the details and the requirements of the assignment that you want, make the payments and click the order button. In some sites, you can even choose a writer, but that becomes a risk because it is always not 100% possible to assess the writers just by looking at their profile.

Read on to know what are the signs and situations the students must assess and understand to get assignment help on time. Since time is the most important factor that governs our lives, it should be handled with care. The service providers might say that they give you papers on an emergency basis with an overnight service, but it is always not feasible in case of assignments like dissertations and thesis. If you get one, consider yourself to be lucky.

  • When your professor announces the assignment, say suppose a case study, and also have mentioned the deadline along with that, try to understand first if you have time enough to do it. A majority of the students seek for writing help to get their assignments done when they see that they do not have time left. But this is at the last moment. What you can do instead is go home and go through your schedule very carefully. Students already remain under pressure with attending the classes daily, coming back home and again doing the studies. If you see that you cannot manage to take a chunk of time out from your schedule and that too on a daily basis, it is always better to look for someone and request ‘please write my assignment’. If only you can devote a good amount of time religiously every day in doing your case study till your due date, then you can opt out of getting help.
  • The next sign to look for is if you have a tendency to procrastinate things it is better to get help with doing the assignments. Many students have the tendency to do things the next day instead of that day itself. They think ‘I have time, so I will start tomorrow’. But that tomorrow never comes until the deadline is tomorrow and then they are found to be calling friends up and trying to finish it. The result is disastrous. Hence those students who have this type of thought process and delay things must always take help with writing the assignments immediately after the topic is announced in class instead of delaying the process.
  • A typical coursework consists of many semesters or is divided into modules. Each of these divisions has many papers which the students have to study. Sometimes the papers are directly related to the subject of study if not related indirectly. Now it is a fact that students do not like to study some papers mainly because they find no interest in it. If you feel the same way about any subject and the assignments on it, just do not think twice about taking help from any service provider and get the assignment done. It is simply of no use to sit with an assignment on a topic which does not interest you at all and waste time and delay in doing the assignment. Students never pay attention in class on these subjects of disinterest and hence have no significant amount of knowledge.
  • It is very important for a student to assess his/her research skills. If you are not satisfied with them, get help immediately. Research skills are very much important for a student to find information for the assignments. If you are not thorough with the subject, you will not be able to research properly and pick up the necessary supporting evidence. Also, research skills are important in searching for information at the right place. Most of the times students are seen sparing their precious time in the library or over the Internet trying to get some information on the topic but in vain. Therefore if your research skills are poor, get help to get the assignments written on time.
  • The same is the case with the writing skills. Assignments must have content which must be written using a proper and professional language. The ideas must have those perfect words to represent them. Assess yourself if you have those required writing skills. If not, then the best decision is to get writing help for doing the assignments. It is really useless to start writing the paper, tear up page after page and waste time. Instead, give the service providers to do the assignments, and they will do the papers using the most appropriate language.
  • There are some students who do not simply like to do the assignments. If you fall in the same category, do not sit and try to do the papers because anyways you cannot do it. You will instead feel irritated and waste the time. Search over the Internet for a service provider and hand over the assignments to them. Get them on time and submit on time as well to your university.
  • Sometimes it happens that some students cannot understand what the professor is teaching. This is not a big issue because every student does not have the same merits; either does every professor have the same skills to impart education to the students. If you are in such a situation where understanding the lesson has become difficult and even after repeatedly asking the professor is actually not helping you, the best path is to get assignment assistance and submit the papers without troubles.

These are the most common situations and signs which the students must understand and act accordingly. Identification must be made at the fastest pace to understand the kind of problem that they are facing and not just sit and wonder why they cannot do the assignments.

Moving on to the next phase of discussion is how the service providers help the students overcome these problems which in turn benefit the students. The trend of taking help with writing the assignments is high on the scale, and more students are joining this mass. The reason is a plethora of benefits that they enjoy along with the eradication of all writing problems.

  • Getting help from service providers with writing your assignment actually helps you to save an enormous amount of time. We all know that students face a lot of trouble in balancing their life and study. It actually becomes very tough for them to find time to do the assignments. But when they take the service, they do not have to push themselves to find the time. Instead, they can allow the saved time to other chores.
  • Taking help with doing the assignments also helps to reduce stress and frustration. When students cannot complete their assignments, they easily tend to become frustrated and irritated and easily become depressed. But once they give the responsibility to the service providers, they can have a complete peace of mind. Even the service providers themselves take all the responsibilities so that the students can be free of all worries.
  • One contribution of removing the worries is that the students get the assignment papers on time. This helps for the on-time submission of the papers. Hence the entire process becomes easy. You give them to write your assignments and get them back on time. In simple terms, it can be concluded that the life of the students is made easy with assignment writing help.
  • Moreover, with the writing help, students get a complete assignment paper. These service givers are now loaded with all kind of help that students need with writing their assignments. Hence, you can get a complete copy of any assignment that you want. You can get your essay done, the thesis is done, even dissertation is done from them. Also, they do a case study, make a complete presentation for you, do any project work, write a review, etc. And all these papers are complete. They contain all the sections that are needed to be attached to the main body but according to the assignment type like a table of contents, appendices, bibliography etc.
  • Additionally, by taking assignment help, the students qualify themselves to get the best grades in the class. The assignments that the service providers do are all of the best quality. Students get the best writers to compose the assignment papers. The writers take a lot of effort in composing the papers like doing a research on the topic, collecting supporting information, constructing the paper using appropriate language, referencing the paper, editing and proofreading, plagiarism check, etc. Therefore the end result of the assignment paper is high-quality papers that fulfil the norms and education level of the colleges and university.
  • You do not ever have to worry about the instructions of your professor when you are taking assignment help from them. This is due to the fact that you can just say those instructions to the service givers. They exactly follow the instructions and do the paper accordingly. So you too get a chance to impress your professor. Alongside this, you also get the benefit to see the ideas that you have in your paper. How? It is very simple. You just need to tell them what your ideas are and how you want the paper. The writing team of these service providers will look to the fact that they give only the best words to represent those ideas and concepts in the paper.

There are the significant benefits that students gain from taking help with writing the assignments. There are also a few more small benefits that can be added to the list. But after all the end result is just that students gain a lot.

Drawing a conclusion to the discussion, it can be excellently concluded that students must detect the signs that indicate that it is the wisest decision to take assignment help with writing the papers. The only thing is that it must be done early to avail and utilize fully the benefits that come with the assignment writing help. The more students delay, the more it will be a problem for them because students tend to make mistakes when they are in a hurry. Just in case if a requirement is missed out or placed wrongly, it will lead to misunderstanding and get an assignment with wrong content and information. Since this is not at all something that is wanted, hence timed realization is a must with timed action.

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