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Working of this will parse your full text into sentences and after that, it will start scanning your content. You can check the progress of checking plagiarism in real-time. After the end of the scanning, you will be able to check overall plagiarized percentage in your content.

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Our widget is 100% safe to use and we do not compromise on the security of our tools. Any text that will be checked via plagiarism widget will be automatically deleted.


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How to write plagiarism free assignments

Students and assignments both are related to each other. University, college and school students all are familiar with the assignments. A task given by the professors or teachers is known as “Assignment”. Professors and teachers always mention writing plagiarism free assignments. But, students fail to write plagiarism free assignments and lose good grades. But, students have an online helping hand to write plagiarism free assignments. Students Assignment Help offers Plagiarism free assignment writing help services to students. We offer 100% unique content to students.

What is a plagiarized assignment?

An assignment is said to plagiarize if a student will submit duplicate assignment copy of another’s work or include another work or content inside his/her assignment. Plagiarism is a serious offence and universities and colleges have strict rules against it. It can lead to suspension. The Internet has changed the working of the world. You will find deep content on any topic on the internet easily. Many students have misused the internet and have copied the content to complete their assignments. Now, the professor’s cross-checked the content via various plagiarism checker tools to analyze the quality of the content. Assignment copy must have 90%+ plagiarism free score. If the assignment copy has more plagiarized content, then students will have to face serious troubles.


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