Assignment Writing Guide

Why did we write this guide?

The importance of assignment writing in colleges and universities can hardly be overstated. A well-written assignment can shoot up your C.G.P.A. while poorly written one can earn the professor’s disdain. We wanted to demystify the process of writing an assignment and explain each point separately in order to help students grasp the art of assignment writing. Although it might seem like madness, we insist that there is a method to it.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is meant for all the miserable souls trying to impress their fastidious teachers. You may be an engineering student, a science student or a management student. No matter which stream you belong to or which level of undergraduate or graduate study you are pursuing, you will find our guide to be the most comprehensive one.

How to use this guide?

Each section relates to one specific aspect of assignment writing. They can be read in isolation. However, in order to gain full-fledged knowledge of the subject you need to read all the way through. Having finished reading, you will find yourself to be better equipped in handling an assignment on any giving topic. All academicians follow certain standard norms and rules while writing assignments, essays or theses. We summarize some of the cardinal principles of academic writing.

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